What is a Career Pathway?

Career Pathways are small groups of occupations within a career cluster. Occupations within a Pathway share common skills, knowledge, and interests. For example, occupations listed under the Information Technology career Pathway are Information Support and Services, Network Systems, Programming and Software Development, and Web and Digital Communication. For high school students, a Pathway will connect their career interests from high school to college and/or a career. A Pathway serves as an educational road map guiding them to the high school courses and post-secondary options most relevant to their chosen career destination.

Why is choosing the right Career Pathway so important?

Finding the right career path is a key to long term career success, yet many people struggle with choosing a rewarding path to begin their journey. It’s not just high school seniors or those just starting a career training program who find it hard to choose a career. Working adults often get stuck between career choices. There are three reasons why many people struggle with choosing the right career Pathway. They are

  • lack of research
  • lack of experience
  • picking an area of study too soon

To ensure that participants at every level of education are choosing an emotionally and financially rewarding Career Pathway, the aforementioned reasons must be properly addressed as early and often as possible. 

How does this seminar differ from traditional career events?

Unlike most events, we invite students and their parents to attend our seminars. In addition, we focus on closing the gaps that prevent students and workers from choosing a fulfilling career Pathway. Through seminar style training sessions, each attendee will discover their “STEM Identity”, map it to technical skills (coding, 3D modeling, electronics), connect the skills to a Career Pathway, research additional education and training options, and finally research the career opportunities (internships, employment, etc.) available. 

Each attendee will leave with the following:

  • “My Career Pathway Packet” – This packet will contain a copy of the attendee’s STEM Identity Assessment Worksheet, Career Pathway job descriptions, a resume sample, and internship/employment opportunities.
  • Parent Packet – This packet will contain a copy of the attendee’s STEM Identity Assessment Worksheet, internship application deadlines, internship/employment opportunities, tips, and best practices.
  • Electronic Follow Up – Attendees will receive free access to The Career Pathways Discussion Board via the STEMERALD City website.

How can I learn more?