STEMERALD City is a premiere provider of STEM coaching services to assist Troops with earning their STEM Merit Badges in the following categories:


Animation | ChemistryComposite Materials Digital Technology | DraftingElectricityElectronicsEnergy | EngineeringEnvironmental Science        

Exploration |  Fish and Wildlife Management  |  Game Design | Gardening | Geocaching | Geology | Graphic Arts | Inventing | Mining in Society

Model Design and BuildingNature |  Nuclear Science | Plant ScienceProgramming |  Reptile & Amphibian StudyRobotics

Soil & Water Conservation  |  Sculpture |  Space Exploration | SustainabilityWeather


Our certified classroom teachers will work with your Troop to satisfy the requirements needed to obtain their badge. Our primary goal will be to make sure each participant understands the “how” and the “why”. Group sessions are encouraged. 

Our instructional team can produce “Lab Sessions” for badges with focused tasks.

Lab Sessions Description

  • These will be 4 hour sessions at $65 per participant.
  • Many badges have practical/laboratory requirements that have the student candidate perform certain tasks.
  • The instructional team will prepare materials and space for performance and completion of a given task.
  • The instructional team will also teach all “describe/explain” requirements that accompany one task of one badge.
Click here to book your session now. 

Click here to download the registration form. 

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